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                Introduction of Recreation:
                The advanced fitness room is located at the 12th floor at the Hotel Block B. One floor up- 13th floor is where the Outdoor Tennis Court. At the 8th floor of the Hotel Block A these is an outdoor swimming pool. You definitely have the options to be sportive or relax while you are staying with us. Spa, Sauna and Foot massage are also what we provide.

                Business Hour:11:30—02:30


                SPA (Men): Hotel Block A 5,7/F
                Outdoor Swimming Pool: Hotel Block A 8F
                SPA (Women): Hotel Block B 4F
                Foot Massage: Hotel Block B 5F
                Fitness Center & Mahjong Room: Hotel Block B 12F
                Outdoor Tennis Court: Hotel Block B 13F

                Reservation:86 769 8886 8888 Ext 8588(Foot Massage)/8905(Gym)

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